With over 20 years of extensive sales and business development, Andy has proven that he can become an instantaneous asset to any organization that he becomes a part of. By way of top line improvisation and methodology, Andy has shown that he can take any business enterprise straight to the top, through way of his learned strategies. Powerful comprehension and critical thinking abilities make Andy a very dexterous individual; he is very adept when it comes to learning new systems and methods, where he is able to integrate his vast knowledge base to further improve established, successful business models through many different verticals. Andy has worked for many first class organizations and global conglomerates, in which he has carefully gathered  years of valuable experience and knowledge, which have been aggregated into one very powerful repository of information. Competitive, hardworking, passionate and hungry by nature; his prowess is contested by few, and surpassed by even fewer…… get to expect the unexpected from this ambitious industry professional.